Monday, February 1, 2010

The Start of a NEW Adventure

In October 2007, I decided that I needed to leave my hometown of Reno, NV and explore, be anonymous and learn to live in my own skin. My friends Tiff and I decided that we were going to move to New York City in May 2008. One thing led to another and New York didn't happen, but Prague did, in September 2008.

I got my TEFL certificate and figured it would open the world for me. I could go anywhere and teach English. There was a world to explore and I was just getting my toes wet.

I have made plans to leave Prague many times, so many that Chloe (
my roommate and partner in crime) jokes that I will never leave. But this year, having again decided to stay in Prague for yet another undefined period of time, I realized that I like where I am, that I am happy here, but that I need to do something to shake my world up again.

So, taking inspiration from a couple of movies seen on the flights to and from the US, I have decided to try NEW things for 1 year. Chloe and I will do 365 NEW things over the course of 1 year. This is a combined effort so that the goal becomes more realistic and achievable.

I want to stop saying 'I would like to' or 'I should' because (here's our English lesson of the day) WOULD and SHOULD imply hypothetical situations that will never happen.

The purpose of writing about it is to motivate myself and get inspiration from those around me. It's easy for me to think of NEW things to do, but where is the challenge to face a fear or the novelty of discovering something I have never heard about? This project is supposed to get me to expand my horizons, think outside the box and all those other kitschy cliches that say DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!

This is my tribute to the cliches. Let's get it on! (Thanks Mills Lane)

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  1. Great challenge ladies! I look forward to reading your blog daily!!