Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adventure #130, #128, #127, #112, #98- #96, #070-#068, #065, #054, #053, #041-#039, #034 - City ABC

My mission: explore Europe.  The goal: 26 new cities in 365 days.  Here is my list.  Let me know if you have any suggestions of places I should go, I will try my best! Each city name is a link to a map, so you can follow along.

B: Bratislava, Slovakia (May 10, 2010) LAST VISIT EVER!!!! VISA OBTAINED!!!
    Berlin, Germany (Aug 7-10, 2010) Part of the list only because I've talked about going since I got to 2008!
C: České Budějovice, Czech Republic (July 5, 2010) Didn't hit the brewery, but drank the beer! (Budweiser, the original!) 
D: Dresden, Germany (Aug 6, 2010) Kick-off to our tour of Germany
E: Ercolano, Italy (Oct 3) A small town with a better preserved, less tourist filled, and smaller version of Pompeii. 
H: Hamburg, Germany (Aug 10-13, 2010) Finally visited a friend, after promising for 2 years!
K: Konopiště, Czech Republic (Sometime in June) Final destination of 9km (5.5m) hike, chateau formerly owned by Archduke Francis Ferdinand
L: Liberec, Czech Republic (Jan 30-31) X-country ski weekend (see prev. post)
M: Mělnik, Czech Republic (Sept 17) Went to a Burčak (young wine) festival and listened to music, drank fermenting grape juice and wandered around enjoying a great fall day in the CZ.
N: Naples, Italy (Oct 1-4) A town I've wanted to visit since my first visit to Italy in 2003.  It was full of life and energy.
O: Ostrava, Czech Republic (July 15-19) Colours of Ostrava Festival. From 100F temperatures (38C) to 60F (16C) overnight. Mud and rain galore, Hawk and a Hacksaw, Regina Spector, Iggy and the Stooges.
P: Podebrady, Czech Republic (October 28) A day of dice, castles and the unknown.
S: Studenec, Czech Republic (May 29-30) Old Cars, BBQ, and Bang! a weekend ON the cottage! 
T: Tynec, Czech Republic (March 13, 2010) On our way frm Xacerov to PRague, we found a place to eat in this lovely, but tiny, Czech town
V: Volary, Czech Republic (July 5, 2010) Typical Czech town, on the edge of the

Šumava National Forest
X: Xacerov, Czech Republic (March 13, 2010) A village smaller than a typical American suburb street.  The looks we got when we got out of the car were priceless!
Zadní Třebaň, Czech Republic (Nov 14, 2011) Atypical Czech village- the only pub was closed for technical reasons.  So we crossed the street and went to another Třebaň, with the best Schnitzel. Ever.