Monday, April 19, 2010

Adventure #028 - The Jewellery Making

Accessories are what I like most in fahion. At least, when it comes to my personnal looks. Being short and definitely not slim, buying clothes is not often an easy thing. It can be really frustrating, even more when every day at work I see pictures of fashion shows and beautiful collections on skinny girls, knowing it would never look good on me.

But accessories can never be mean, like clothes are. They never say "you're too fat", they don't require to change in the shop and try three different sizes because you never know which one will fit your boobs and the length of your arms. And I love how easily then can transform any outfit and look so good on my little black dresses.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Adventure #027- Green Beer

The Czechs celebrate Holy Thursday, or Zelene Ctvrtek (Green Thursday), with the true Czech spirit.  By drinking beer.  Green Beer to be exact. One brewery, Starobrno, sells green beer that was specifically brewed for this day.  Only certain pubs in the Czech Republic carry it.  This is a relatively new tradition for this country, but as usual, anything to do with beer is very popular.  You must go to the pub early in order to get some.  So on Thursday evening, we checked the website then headed out to the closest place on the list.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adventure #026- The '30s Ball

The Czech Republic has a traditional Ball (Ples) Season from January through mid-April.  They are usually themed; Cuban, decades, flower, traditional; you name it, they have it.  There are shops that rent dresses for the events, with everything from Cinderella dresses to costumes.  

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adventure #025 - The Sober Month

When I said I was going to stop drinking alcohol, some people asked me in an amazed way why I was doing this. Well, the reasons were multiple. Because drinking is so cheap and easy in Prague that anything we do usually ends up or starts with a beer. Because I was quite sure my body would appreciate the break. And also just because I like challenges.

So I stopped drinking alcohol for a month, from March 1st to 31st.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Adventure #024- The Squash Adventure

I am a fairly sporty person. One thing I have missed since moving to Prague has been playing softball (I was playing twice a week) and being more active. Here I walk a lot. And climb a lot of stairs. And that's about it.

Which is funny because the Czechs are very active. They are always hiking, biking or doing something. I have gone with hiking with friends and a few other things, but nothing with a feeling of competition.  I enjoy a bit of friendly competition because it always pushes you to try harder and do better. 

One day Michal (my roommate) and Martin (my boyfriend) were talking about going to play squash. They had reserved the court for 2 hours but they were missing a fourth. I volunteered, thinking that it might be interesting (and that they would find someone before I actually had to play!)