Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adventure #025 - The Sober Month

When I said I was going to stop drinking alcohol, some people asked me in an amazed way why I was doing this. Well, the reasons were multiple. Because drinking is so cheap and easy in Prague that anything we do usually ends up or starts with a beer. Because I was quite sure my body would appreciate the break. And also just because I like challenges.

So I stopped drinking alcohol for a month, from March 1st to 31st.

I was afraid that stoping alcohol would also be the end of my social life. It was a bit. But not only because of the alcohol thing. I started by being sick, then was really tired, so I didn't go out that much. I still had some really nice evenings, even if I was not drinking, but didn't really play the party girl. Clubs without a drink just doesn't sound like a good evening. Isn't it sad that you need alcohol to forget how creepy clubs are? (just think about it for a minute. Dirty place, loud - not always good - music, weird people and an annoying guy who'd like to take you home. You definitely need music and good friends to have fun. And even this way you're not guaranteed to have a good time) (Did you guess that I am not really a big fan of clubs?)

Back to my sober month. On March 1st, I already wanted a beer. I think it was just the I-want-what-I-can't-have-just-because-I-can't-have-it. After a while I was ok though. Well, I would have appreciated a beer or a glass of wine, but I was ok. The fact that I was not going out that much did help a lot too.

There was a difficult night in the middle of the month when I met an evil man who was back on drinking after a two months break (I think this sober thing is starting to become a trend, everybody's doing it. Crazy people) and who was just putting drinks in front of my mouth. But the girls were supportive and helped me to stay strong.

Conclusion of this adventure: a good thing to try. To start doing other things like going for a coffee instead of a beer , just to give some holidays to your liver, or to be able to say "I don't need alcohol, I can stop whenever I want to" and add proudly "I did it. For a month" (I could do it for a longer period of time... If I was living in a Convent or a Muslim country or didn't have any social life.).

And also just because the first drink after a whole sober month tastes wonderful!


  1. You're really amazing... But next time, don't choose March: too bad to spend St Patrick's Day without a drop of good ol' Guinness!

  2. January would be better... because February is my bday and then it's spring. Need alcohol in spring! The beer gardens open!