Monday, April 19, 2010

Adventure #028 - The Jewellery Making

Accessories are what I like most in fahion. At least, when it comes to my personnal looks. Being short and definitely not slim, buying clothes is not often an easy thing. It can be really frustrating, even more when every day at work I see pictures of fashion shows and beautiful collections on skinny girls, knowing it would never look good on me.

But accessories can never be mean, like clothes are. They never say "you're too fat", they don't require to change in the shop and try three different sizes because you never know which one will fit your boobs and the length of your arms. And I love how easily then can transform any outfit and look so good on my little black dresses.

I had been thinking for a few months that I should try to make jewellery. While looking more closely to some things I liked on the web, I figured that it didin't seem like something really difficult to do and I could probably try. I was, of course, not thinking about "real" jewellery with gold and precious stones. These kind of things require a knowledge that I don't have.

There is a beads shop really close to our flat. So I went there one day with nothing particular in mind. I was just going to follow my instincts and buy a few things to see if I could be able to make some jewellery. I spent a long time there, came home with some ideas and immediately started working on my new hobby.

And I really really enjoyed it. Touching the metal, making chains shorter and longer, thinking about where to use a bead and what to do with this charm, I just loved it and only stoped after I had used everything I had bought. Here are some of the firts necklaces I made:

Nothing extraordinary, but I liked them and people around me also did, which encouraged me to go further. My goal when I started all this was not only about doing somtehing fun, I also wanted to try selling my jewellery. I think that since you have to work and need money to live, why not make some by doing something you like instead of thinking "it will never work" or "it's not safe enough". If this was not my philosophy, I would probably be a teacher in small French town, bitter and bored to death.

Anyway, once I had proved to myself that I could make jewellery, I started to think more seriously about what my creations could be and find some ideas for a collection. I am still working on this and hope that I will soon start selling my stuff. Here is a glimpse on what I made, but I may still change a few things and need to improve others:

Next step: find a name, launch my brand, get through all the administrative papers to start a business ... more new things to do for me!


  1. Awesome! I would definitely buy some of these!
    As for the administrative stuff, I don't think you need to bother with that to open a shop on Etsy or even to sell your stuff on eBay...

  2. I want the pink one !

  3. I love the one with the shell ! Even if I usually don't like sea-related stuff !