Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adventure #126 - Moravian Wine Cellar

Lednice lake
Yet another lost Fall post:

The Czech Republic is famous for its beer, not its wine.  And for pretty good reason (sorry, but it's TRUE!).  I do like the whites, there are a few varietals that aren't too sweet for me, but the reds...sorry Moravia, but you just don't have the right weather for red wine...  But I'd heard that the winery visits in the Czech Republic are not to be missed.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adventure #125- Shin Karate

My stepbrothers were very into martial arts when we were younger, as were a lot of their friends. Even now, one is in China working with his Sensei and another is 3 belts away from his black belt, and one of the friends has his own studio. As a tomboy at heart, I've always wanted to join them and have that control over your mind and body.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adventure #124- Skiing in the Alps

I am an avid snowboarder. One thing that has been missing from my life in Prague has been mountains. When you grow up in a valley and you are constantly surrounded by them, the mountains are a part of your life. It is always easy to go hiking, snowboarding, skiing etc. When you live in Prague, the closest mountains are an hour bus ride away, and well, let's just say they are ideal for beginners. 
I have been in Europe for 3 winters now. The first, I was too poor to even think about it. The second I went back to Reno so there was no more vacation time/money in the budget. And last winter, I finally made it! Twice.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Adventure #123, #122, #78 - #74 - Angela and FOOD!

In a new country, there are always new foods to try.  Some of them are similar but different, some are deemed interesting, others just seem plain disgusting!  There are types of produce I have never seen (kohlrabi, pomelo) and other types that I discarded from the 'like' column when I was younger.