Friday, July 15, 2011

Adventure #123, #122, #78 - #74 - Angela and FOOD!

In a new country, there are always new foods to try.  Some of them are similar but different, some are deemed interesting, others just seem plain disgusting!  There are types of produce I have never seen (kohlrabi, pomelo) and other types that I discarded from the 'like' column when I was younger.
New Meats: 
#122- Shark I know, an ocean animal in the middle of Europe? Well, it was at a restaurant in Budapest.  It was like fish, a bit flaky, but firm at the same time.  It also tasted like fish, with a slightly less fishy taste.

#077- Tlacenka a gelatinous creation, with chunks of meat inside.  It looked scary, and freaked me out a bit too much to eat again...

#076- Goat served as a sausage.  Interesting taste, but so much seasoning I couldn't really tell the difference from a pork sausage.

New Fruits and Vegetables:
#123- Gooseberry My student was telling me about the fruits and veggies in her garden and we came to the word 'angrest' and I had no idea what it was, even when she described it to me.  It was a fruit I'd never heard of.  So she brought me some to class and I tried them.  They taste a bit like a grape crossed with a currant, but I think I am mildly allergic to them.  I'll try them independent of anything else and see what happens.

#078- Fig These soft fruits are really tasty fresh! I googled how to eat them and decided to eat the skin and all. The inside is pink and kinda reminded me of the goo inside of a pumpkin, but tasty and not as messy!

#075- Radish I remember being at my grandmother's house and trying this red-and-white vegetable in her kitchen.  It wasn't for me.  At the amazing farmers market I bought a bunch to try.  Why haven't I tried it before?!  They have a great crunch and a bit of spice to make a salad more interesting!

New Dishes:
#074- Fischebrochten a sandwich made of fish.  One of the best (and cheapest) meals I had in Hamburg. 

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