Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adventure #121- Czech Switzerland

A lost story from last fall:

When you talk to Czechs about the 'nature' they will tell you that there are a few places you must go. One of them is České Švýcarsko, or Czech Switzerland. There is Pravčická Brána, a stone bridge, and lots of cool sandstone cliffs and rock croppings. This was a place that was my list of places to go last summer. I made it to half the list last year, but didn't make it to Czech Switzerland. Our plans were made and some cottages selected for accommodation.

We were a larger group, 9 people in all, 6 traveled by train, and 3 by car.  We met at the train station and all piled into a cabin.  After some rearranging of other passengers (sorry cute Asian, we were 6, and you were 1) we settled back to enjoy the train ride with some burcak (young, fermenting wine.)  We finally got off the bus near our destination when I realized that I was missing a bag.  Unfortunately, I was missing the bag with the meat for our dinner and sandwiches for the hike.  AND, NOOOOOOOOO!! NOT THE BECHEROVKA (NOT alcohol, MEDICINE) TOO!!!!!

Our accommodations were small cabins with 2 sets of bunk beds and some shelves for your things.  The first night we all slept horribly because it was COLD!  The sleeping bags weren't very adequate (we hadn't brought our own because it said that bedding was included.) Too bad the Becherovka continued on to woulda kept us nice n toasty warm!  We hiked both days and saw a lot of great scenery.  The second day we hiked up then down, then up and down then up again, only to go...yep, you guessed it! down again.  We had amazing fall weather and there were mushrooms EVERYWHERE (much to my delight, I think they are amazing and took tons of photos!)

Even with some crazy service at the pension restaurant and missing bag of goodies, we ended up having a great time and enjoying the beautiful weather and vistas, great company, and we mustn't forget, the beautiful, amazing, unique MUSHROOMS!!!!

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