Monday, March 14, 2011

Adventure #120- GUEST WRITER- Gregoire and the GIANT bazar

"A place where you can find everything to build a car" is, according my 8 (in Czech, pronounced osm, like awesome;) flatmate, the definition of the place I went on last Saturday : the Kolbenova bazar in Prague.

Just imagine a former paint factory building which has been demolished and then the huge free space is occupied weekly by some more or less random sellers who are offering you everything from brand new to totally crappy old, food to clothes, kitchen appliances to music, car tyres to a complete dimantled car (R.I.P. red Peugeot 306 !), and of course, the sausages selling point : the biggest I have ever seen in the country !!!

Once you have passed the automatic "turniket" equipped with coin machine, you face a board with couple of pictures onto it. Below every picture is written in Czech : "Attention, thief" ... nice ... and then you enter such a wide area that you cannot believe your eyes ... I would have said that close to several hundred people were there to sell anything you can imagine.

At such a point that I felt like I was in the movie "Snatch!," surrounded by people you can trust, others you shouldn't and more you can't ! I even thought I should be able to find the concrete mixer that was stolen in my building last year ! :-) You can find some policemen in the tram at the neighbouring stations from the market area !!

Anyway, I went for a tour in Wonderland to find what I was looking for : a kitchen scale, preferably cheap and old-fashioned ... and found it !!! 90Kc, made in Czechoslovakia, made of plastic and metal, with an alignment mistake of 1.1kg :-D We may add picture if you insist hard !

Bonus finding : deodorant, the same one I usually buy at a conventional store, but the Dutch version with a 30% discount :-))

In the end, I would recommend a visit to this site as an experiment for anyone looking for a flavour of "real life of Prague." Proof of that : the queue to enter the place when I left (about 10.30am) was leading up to the street.

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