Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adventures #114, #115, #116 - The Argentinian Cooking

As Michal and Jana - our former flatmates in Prague - came back from 4 months of traveling in South America, they stopped a few days in London and stayed with me. One evening, we cooked Argentinian food : empanadas and flan. Yummy !

The empanadas (#114) - Making empanadas was quite easy. We made some vegetarian ones, stuffed with   potatoes, carrots, onions, leek and boiled eggs, and non-vegeterian ones with the same vegetable mix plus beef, and of course lots of spices ! The first ones were not perfectly shaped but we quickly learned how to do it.

The flan (#115) - For the dessert, we made a flan. I used to love flans when I was a kid. The French version seems to be a bit thicker than the Argentinian one and is baked with pastry. In Argentina, they serve it with whipped cream and milk jam (which we didn't have that night). Our flan was not very consistent, so it didn't look very good on our plates, but I think that's how it's supposed to be : you just need to bake the flan in individual pans and not a big one, but it was all that we had. We had to make caramel (#116), which I had never tried making before, and I think I need to practice more on this ! I don't know why, but the caramel didn't turn brown and stayed white. It was an extremely sweet dessert (and after the empanadas my stomach was super extra full), but very yummy!

What the flan should have looked like, according to the recipe book :

What our flan actually looked like ...

If you want any recipe, just ask!

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