Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adventure #118 - The Mooncup

Beware male readers, this post will talk about girl things that you probably don't want to think about. So you may not want to read the rest of the post.
Girls, have you ever heard about the Mooncup ?

The Mooncup is a menstrual cup made of silicone. Since it is reusable, it is a cheap and ecological alternative to tampons. I bought mine about a year ago, tried to use it once but hadn't really choose the right time for this : not only did I have my period, I was also sick and had horrible menstrual pain so I was not really in the mood for new experiences and changed for a tampon quite quickly so I could go to bed without worrying about how this cup works. And then I just never tried it again. That's me being extremely lazy.

This month though, I was decided to try my Mooncup. From everything I had read, it seemed to be very good. No need to buy tampons anymore so it's good for the planet and for your purse. But apparently, it's also good for your health, to avoid irritations first, and also because it respects your natural balance and apparently can reduce menstrual pain (extremely good news). Also, it is quite big, and you don't need to empty it as often as you would need to change a tampon.

I think it will take me more than two days of period to manage to insert and remove it easily and I'm quite sure I will get there quickly. I first thought that the only problem would it be when going out because even if you have a bottle of water and tissues with you, it wouldn't be very convenient to change it in public toilets but since I think I could actually keep it on for a very long time without having to empty it, it would only be a problem if I'm not home / anywhere with clean toilets for quite a long time. And then I guess you can still use tampons occasionally. I also felt cleaner than when I'm using tampons and almost forgot it was period time. Next month, I know I will be using my Mooncup again !

If you want more info, visit the website : Mooncup

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