Monday, March 7, 2011

Adventure #117 - The Fashion Show

This year, I had one of the best birthday presents ever (it's going to be hard to do better now) : a seat at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label fashion show, introducing the collection for autumn 2011 - winter 2012.

I had planned to meet up with Caroline, whom I was working for in Prague, as she was coming to London for the Fashion Week. Since she knows I love Vivienne Westwood (how couldn't I ?), she told me that if I was free on Sunday evening, which also was my birthday, I could come with her to the show. Free ? For Vivienne, I would be !

So on Sunday 20th, just before 6pm, I entered the Royal Court of Justice (not where you would exactly expect a fashion show to take place !), feeling the excitation growing. It was actually not my first fashion show. I went to the Graduate Fashion Week in London three years ago, and even if it was great, it's not the same as a Westwood show ! It was the first time I was going to a show during the Fashion Week though, and for such a major brand.

The catwalk was set in the hall of the building, and the amazing Gothic architecture made it just perfect for Westwood's style. Caroline had a very good seat, on the second row, just behind Emmanuelle Alt, the new editor in chief of Vogue France. The collection was great, with as usual this perfect mix of rock and chic, and I just felt in love with the huge crown hats, I want one for next winter (would love to show you a picture, but I don't have any)

Vivienne Westwood confirmed one thing : I love fashion. The energy, the creativity, the styles, ... fashion is great. You may think I'm superficial, but the beauty of fashion can make me very happy.

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