Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adventure #119- The Roll of the Dice

Train Station
When I was a teenager and had nothing to do at night but drive around all night, we used to decide where to go by flipping a coin.  Heads was one number and either right or left.  Tails was another number and whichever direction heads wasn't.  We'd flip the coin and turn as the coin said (the numbers were for the freeway).

Feeling the need to get out of Prague for the day, and having no idea where to go, I decided to do what I used to do, except with a dice.  The rules: 1. Roll the dice, if the number is less than 3, roll again and add the 2 numbers together, 2. Go to a train station, take the next train the number of stops rolled.

We started off at a cafe to roll the dice and see how far we were going to travel for the day.  We rolled a 6 so we went to the station, found the next train and looked at the schedule.  Since it was an intercity train, it was stopping at all small stops, so we only counted the main stops listed.

Libnice Church
But the town we got off in, Libnice nad Cidlinou, was tiny (so tiny, that when I looked for it on Google, it wasn't recognized).  It took us less than an hour to wander around the small town and have a beer at the only open pub in town, but we discovered that it was only 5k (3.1m) from a town called Podebrady.  So we walked on a back road to get there and found that Podebrady was a decent-sized town, with some restaurants and a castle.

All in all, a fun day.  It was great to be out of Prague and in another place.  If Podebrady hadn't been close, we would have rolled the dice again, and gotten back on the train, heading away from Prague, because we still had lots of time to enjoy the day.

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