Sunday, April 11, 2010

Adventure #024- The Squash Adventure

I am a fairly sporty person. One thing I have missed since moving to Prague has been playing softball (I was playing twice a week) and being more active. Here I walk a lot. And climb a lot of stairs. And that's about it.

Which is funny because the Czechs are very active. They are always hiking, biking or doing something. I have gone with hiking with friends and a few other things, but nothing with a feeling of competition.  I enjoy a bit of friendly competition because it always pushes you to try harder and do better. 

One day Michal (my roommate) and Martin (my boyfriend) were talking about going to play squash. They had reserved the court for 2 hours but they were missing a fourth. I volunteered, thinking that it might be interesting (and that they would find someone before I actually had to play!)

I did end up playing and having a lot of fun.  The guys were really patient with me and gave me a lot of pointers on how to use the racket. (I was swinging it like a baseball bat) It was a bit embarrassing though because I kept hitting the ball through a small hole in the net at the top of the court. It would go into another court and we would have to go get the ball! But the quick movement and the need to pay attention and try to be hand-eye coordinated felt very good to me.  It was a challenge and I always love a challenge! So even though I was exhausted after only a short amount of time, I felt very full of energy.  

Since then I have only played 1 more time.  It is a sport that requires more than one person and it always seems that everyone is busy...Maybe I will just have to start being more persistent in asking them to play with me!


  1. Awesome! I'm behind in your blog...I will try to catch up today! Both of you crack me up!

  2. We're behind in our blog too, no worries! ;)