Friday, February 26, 2010

Adventure #014- Applying for THAT job

Have you ever seen a job advert for your dream job, but you felt you weren't 100% qualified for it? Well, I have and as much as I 'love' teaching, I can't get over the feeling that there is something more for me out there, somewhere. So when Doug sent me a job advert, I decided that maybe I should just try for it. Why not, right? The worst they can say is 'no' and then where am I? Exactly where I was when I started, but with a better feeling for rejection. Maybe they will tell me WHY I wasn't the perfect candidate. I always operate on the idea that I can't fix what I don't know is broken (or wrong).

The job description includes lots of traveling and the ability to work in both finance (yikes! need a crash course!) and marketing. They want someone who can work hard and independently, as well as someone with a young spirit, who's creative and can see both the big picture and the small details. They are also willing to train the right person because personality is very important for them. There are many parts of this job that I don't think I am ready for. But how will I know if I don't try it? If I don't put myself out there and see what it is that I CAN do? Maybe all that's lacking is some confidence? The first step is a resume that isn't a resume. I am working on a version that is a traditional format, with my own words and no fancy job descriptions. Here is an excerpt from my resume:

At first glance, you think this is a regular, boring resume from some girl who can't read the requirements. Then you start to read and realize that you are looking at something that looks ordinary but is a bit different. I think that's how most people would describe me. I'm a strong person, competitive (mostly with myself), recently driven to try new things and experiment with what life and the world has to offer.

A note about where I've been and what I've learned:

Bilbao, Spain January 2003-July 2003

I studied in Bilbao for a semester, then moved to San Sebastian for June. This was my first experience away from my family and my first adventure on my own. It inspired me to travel more and see more. I hated the rainy winter, loved being by the ocean for summer and fell in love with Spanish. I speak Spanish very well, and will eventually work in a position where I will use more Spanish.

And another, trying to illustrate my bad points:

I am an emotionally stable person, most of the time. But I am also passive in my anger, a bit lazy, and can need motivation sometimes. I say I am lazy not because I don't work hard but because I tend to let life take me along with it, rather than decide the what, where, when. I am also a procrastinator, but work well under pressure. I can also talk a lot (reading this, you probably get the idea.)

What do you think of my description of myself? Would you agree or disagree? anything else to add? Constructive criticism never hurt anyone so bring it on!! Who knows? Maybe I will get the job, maybe I won't. But at least I can say I tried to get it.

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  1. I would prefer "seems ordinary" to "looks ordinary". Thought-provoking though, I like it!