Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adventure #006- The Bratislava Adventure

This weekend, we went to Bratislava to celebrate our friend Sean's birthday and to turn in my visa paperwork at the Czech Embassy (looooong story!). I have been to Bratislava twice before and there isn't that much to see.

So, thanks to a suggestion from my cousin, I decided to take pictures from a different viewpoint to see if anything new would turn up...

I took pictures from knee level, most while walking. I didn't want to stop and take pictures of the things I had taken pictures of before...I wanted to take pictures of the streets and shops and if I got peoples legs, that was fine too. Most of the pictures are unfocused, although I did discover the 'sports' option on my camera which allows me to take action shots (so there is less blur.)

Follow this link to see my pictures: Bratislava

I didn't see much new about Bratislava. Perhaps if I had taken more photos as we walked, it would have been more enlightening. But it still helped make the city more entertaining because each evening I looked forward to looking at the pictures I had taken that day. People looking through my camera this week didn't recognize the city either, although I think people who lived there might.

Next time you go to a city you've been to a hundred times, a thousand times, take your camera and try this! If nothing else, you get to look forward to some pretty interesting angles and colors (the yellow picture- it was a bridge that was illuminated blue underneath!).

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