Monday, February 1, 2010

The Rules of the Adventure

Starting 1st Feb 2010 through 31st Jan 2011, Angela and Chloé will try 365 new things.

What is new?

  • Something you've never done before, or haven't done in 10+ years
  • Something as small as buying a fruit from the grocery that you've never tried
  • Something like studying (culture, religion, language), reading a book, watching a movie
  • Something challenging or a bit crazy like not using the Internet for a while or dying your hair pink
  • Something short or that requires a bigger involvement, like training for a marathon or learning to play an instrument.

Everyone is welcome to tell us what they think we should try. All suggestions will be considered, within these guidelines:
  • Is it possible to achieve in one year? (i.e. Climb Mt Everest isn't plausible because of training and money required)
  • Is it legal? (we will follow the laws of where we are)
  • Is it safe? (as safe as possible to make it)
  • Is it going to make a difference or improve me? (one suggestion was to fart/burp in a compromising situation- what did I learn?)

You can send your suggestions to chloeandangela @

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