Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adventure #002- The Pomelo

Pomelo, also known as Chinese Grapefruit, defined by The American Heritage Dictionary as "a tropical southeast Asian tree (Citrus maxima) closely related to the grapefruit and having very large round fruit with thick rinds and coarse-grained pulp."

Let me explain. This 'pomelo' has been calling my name since I arrived in the Czech Republic. I had never seen one before, and wasn't about to buy such a huge fruit when I didn't know what it was. When they reappeared this winter, I decided that I needed to try one.

The experience was different. I told a friend I was going to eat one, and she said that she loved them, but to be careful of eating the rind because it was very bitter. I decided that I would eat the rind, as though I hadn't spoken to her, and regretted it! It was bitter with a strange texture, almost like eating a marshmallow that had too much air and powder. The fruit itself was a bit dry and eating it reminded me slightly of eating a pomegranate (the individual pieces inside each pocket). I may not have chosen the ripest fruit either because it seemed bland. I was unsure of how it should look or feel or anything, so I just grabbed one. But according to, I should have looked for one that was heavier (juicier), with a smooth peel and a faintly sweet smell (mine was wrapped in plastic). Now I know for next time! This fruit also has a long shelf life, so even though it is too big to eat at one time (unless you have a pomelo party) it will keep in your fridge for quite awhile.

This was an example of why you SHOULD try that random fruit in the grocery store. You never know what you will find, until you try it!

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  1. Angela that's not a pomelo, that's a grorange! Ollie and I discovered them in Prague last year too. Verdict = disgusting. Either eat a grapefruit or an orange, not some pithy combination of the two...