Saturday, February 13, 2010

Aventure #008 - The French Coffee

I know what you're thinking. Half of the new things we are trying are about eating / drinking or cooking.

I have to admit it. We like food. And we love cooking.

So get used to food-related topics.

In Bratislava, we went for coffee and lunch at the Verne. A place I had been to on my first trip to Bratislava, last October, and which I really liked. The vintage style decoration is really nice, the food is yummy and it feels good to spend time there.

Last time we went to Verne, I saw this French coffee on the menu and hesitated to order it . Coffee, cream and Grand Marnier. I am not a big fan of strong liquor, and am not a coffee drinker (my drug - tea), so I ended up drinking something else.

But I really like the taste of Grand Marnier when it is used for baking. Once again, I was not sure I wanted to order this. Since it was the second time I was thinking about having a French coffee, I thought that it was another occasion to stop saying I should and actually do the thing.

My impressions: a nice drink, nothing extraordinary though. But next time I see a French coffee on a menu, I won't wonder what it tastes like!

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