Friday, February 12, 2010

Adventure #007 - The Bunker

A lot of people would picture a tea room as a snobish place for old women.

It is not the case in the Czech Republic though. Quiet music, maybe a fire, cosy atmosphere, candles, ... you would more be likey to see hippies drinking in small cups and sitting on the floor.

While we were in Bratislava (which is in Sloviakia and not in the Czech Republic but where they have the same kind of tea places), our friend Sean took us to a tea room settled in a bunker. I had been inside a bunker before. You know these small abandonned bunkers you can find on French beaches, scars from WWII, full of sand and smelling like pee. The kind of bunker you enter just to leave it as quickly as you can.

So I really wanted to go to this tea place. See how it feels to spend time in a bunker. I also really liked the concept of turning a war construction into a really peaceful place.

And peaceful it really was! Buddhist prayers hanging down fom pipes, quiet music as usual, we took off our shoes and sat on the floor. It was so peaceful that you could instantly forget that you were in a bunker.

I had yogi tea - milk and spices - and we ordered hummus and pita. Yummy! We chatted and played a game. As we couldn't see the outside light and the place was quite comfortable, we spent a lot of time there without really noticing it.

If you're planning a trip to the Czech Republic or Slovakia, you should really try to stop at one of this tea place. And if you are going to Bratislava, the bunker is definitely the place to go.

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