Monday, February 22, 2010

Adventure #013 - The Valentine's

I had never celebrated Valentine's Day. I am not a romantic girl. Or better said, I am not attracted by cliché romantic situations.

(Of course, not having a boyfriend on Valentine's doesn't help to celebrate it either)

As I was asking people for their addresses on facebook (writing letters is something I really want and like to do), our neighbour Aaron suggested that we wrote each other Valentine's. Our other neighbour David, and then Angela, were also attracted by the idea.

So we set up a box in the hallway, between our two flats, to put our Valentine's card.

As I had never celebrated Valentine's Day before, I decided to do it seriously and made cards for David and Aaron, using colored paper, glitter and kitsch Valentine's quotes. Real fun. Well, making cards is something I really enjoy doing anyway (cutting paper, drawing stuff, having glue on my fingers, ... love it!)

On Valentine's Day, we all met in our flat for a brunch. Fritata, potatoes, Mimosa, home-made bagels, the perfect brunch.

And to open our Valentine's, heart-shaped sugar cookies.

Every year, it's the same story. People are depressed or feel the need to explain why they don't like Valentine's for hours. I usually just don't really care. But even you're single or are not really the romantic kind, why not celebrate love? It is a nice thing, isn't it? And celebrating love with good friends was really nice indeed.

And I love brunch.

And making cards.

I still don't think I would celebrate Valentine's with a boyfriend, italian food, candles and roses though.

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