Monday, February 15, 2010

Adventure #010 - The Hummus

Yes, food again. I've warned you!

After eating hummus in the Bratislava bunker tea place, I decided to try to make some. I've looked on internet for a recipe and was quite surprised to find out that hummus is a really easy thing to make. I don't know why, but I was sure that it would be difficult and complicated.

Facing this non-challenging situation, I decided not to follow a recipe but my instincts instead. I always enjoy cooking and baking without a recipe. I find it more relaxing, allowing my mind to wander and think about many things.

The ingredients were really basic:
Chick-peas of course
Salt, pepper

I thought about making hummus a few months ago, but we didn't have a blender so it was not really possible. As Jana received one for Christmas, my cooking possibilities have extended and I'm really excited.

I always use non-cooked beans. It takes more time than buying a can, but I like it better. I also eat mostly organic food, and the organic shop doesn't have any beans in cans. Litlle trick to avoid waiting an entire night before being able to cook your chick-peas, boil them in water for about two minutes, then leave them in this water for an hour and they will be ready to be cooked!

Once my chick-peas were ready, I cooled them down and mashed them with the blender, adding oil and water. Then I added garlic, salt and pepper.

I was really happy with the result. Angela and I ate everything in a few days. It was really good with black olives but adding a spice would have been better, I didn't know which one though. I also used olive oil but think that another kind of oil, less tasty, would be better. Next time I'll make hummus, I'll put it in several containers to mix it with different kind of spices and then found out what the perfect mix is!

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