Friday, February 5, 2010

Adventure #003 - The Orange Diet

My friend Sophie suggested that I eat food of the same colour for a couple of days. I first thought about green but then decided to do orange. I thought it would be easy. There are not that many things that are orange but enough for two days, no?

I got a bit excited at the shop and bought way too many things: oranges of course, pumpkin, carrots, this coral lentils I had never tried before but seen many times, apricots, apricots yoghurt (I had a hard time finding orange coloured yoghurts...), cheddar (which was really really yummy), pasta (I bought the three colours pasta and just ate the orange ones), and other things.

I was really excited to see that my favourite Earl Grey tea was orange.


Breaksfast: I had corn flakes with apricot yoghurt and half of a grapefruit. Well, my breakfast was closer to pink than orange...

I always take some fruits with me to eat at work, so I cut a couple of oranges for the office.

Lunch: carrots with orange pasta, dried tomatoes sauce (no it was not red, yes it was orange) and cheddar cheese (did I already tell you that this cheddar cheese was super yummy?)

Dinner: I made a pumpkin soup with curry and paprika and then had some apricots. I was really hungry when I came back from work and it was hard to wait and make the soup. I just wanted to eat a piece a bread and feel better.


Breaksfast: corn flakes and yoghurt with apple and apricot compote, and of course Earl Grey.
For work, oranges again.

Lunch: I don't have a lot of time to cook during lunch time so I just had leftovers from Day 1

Dinner: I tried the lentils with carrots. It doesn't look that nice on the picture but tasted good. Once cooked, the lentils were a bit yellowish though. And - again - I cooked enough food for two people.

My impressions? It was fun to figure out what I could eat and everybody was suggesting things I could buy. First day was ok but I got tired of this orange food on Day 2. I didn't have many things to eat quickly which was annoying when I was really hungry. The cheddar cheese save me! Also, carrots are not my favourite vegetable...

Difficult moment was when my co-worker Caroline offered crêpes she had cooked the day before. Crêpes are not orange. Sad.
It was also hard to see our flatmate Jana eating avocado and mozzarella while I had to eat carrots again. I love avocados and mozzarella!

Good thing of this adventure? Left-overs! I used the carrots to bake muffins and Angela is cooking spinach-pumpkin lasagna. Yummy!

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