Monday, February 22, 2010

Adventure #012 - The Flat

You may say that our flat is messy. But it is friendly messy. Full of life and souvenirs. Without this flat, living in Prague would be really different, and it is probably one of the things that have made me stay here for a year and a half.

I like everything in this flat. All the details, left from previous parties, memories of friends now far away from us and good times.

So last week-end, I took my camera and walked around the flat and the building to take pictures of all these details I like: our fridge and its movies suggestions list, the heart on the top of the front door, Petey the parrot, posters from exhibitions I liked, drawings from my birthday and Thanksgiving, Czech words on the bathroom mirror, the postcard wall, castle-like keys and so many things ...

I'm sure that the day I will leave Prague I'd be happy to keep these pictures and have a look at them sometimes. People take a lot of pictures now that we have digital camerass and everything. We usually end up with a lot of pictures of family and friends, but what about the places we live in and these little things we see everyday? Don't we want to also remember them and look at them again in a few years?

To see all the 140 pictures I took (140!): The Flat

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