Saturday, September 25, 2010

Adventure #85 - The Lack of Black Dresses

As wearing only black dresses for two weeks had been an extremely easy challenge for me, Angela suggested that I try not wearing any black dresses for two weeks. This, indeed, would be a real challenge. Not wearing black at all would also have been a greater challenge but it would require me to buy new clothes so this would be something I should do when I am richer.

These two weeks were particularly long. Even more knowing that they probably were the hottest weeks in the year (July. Yes I am again super late at writing things down on this blog). I was dying to wear my cotton black dress which is the most comfortable piece of clothing I've ever own. If my little black dresses make me feel good, my other clothes can easily make me feel fat, a feeling always increased by hot weather. It was long but I did it! And since then, I think I have been wearing my black dresses even more often than usual...

I had a lot of things on my mind at that time so I forgot to take pictures everyday. So here are the only three outfits I kept track of :

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