Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adventure #86 - The Gimp

As I had decided to install Linux on my computer, I faced a problem : Photoshop. Not that I use photoshop a lot and what I do is quite basic anyway, but I still need it. And you know, once you're used to a program, it can be hard to change and start using another one.

No choice for me anyway, I needed to be able to use a graphic editor on Linux. So here I was, installing GIMP. Somebody at work once had a problem with Photoshop and painfully tried to use Gimp, without much success. So I was a bit scared I wouldn't be able to do anything with it.

Actually, Gimp is apparently a really good software but it just doesn't work like Photoshop so people don't bother learning everything back from the beginning. I found some good explanations and tutorials on the internet that really helped me understand the basic manipulations (if you understand French, this website is great for computer dummies:  Le site du zéro).

I still have a lot to learn and sometimes need to think a bit to remember how to make this or that effect, but I'm getting there. And at least now, I'm not annoyed anymore by the idea of having to use Gimp.

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