Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adventure #035 - The Linux Experiment

I have been facing a major problem for the last few weeks: my laptop was running on Windows 7 RC, i.e. the beta version that you were able to install for free a year ago, and of course, now that Windows 7 is out in the shops, you need to pay for it and my Windows was going to expire really soon.

I had an installation CD for Windows XP from my former laptop that I thought I could use. I was not really excited about going back to XP after trying Windows 7, but well the prices for Windows 7 were not making buying it an option.

So eight days before the expiration date (yes, windows had been warning me about this moment for months... but you known, Queen of Procrastination could be my nickname), I put my Windows XP CD in my laptop, thinking I would be back to the old version real quick and without any problems.

But no. I guess it was only possible to use this CD with one computer.

A lot of swearing and a little of panicking followed. I thought my flatmate Michal could save me. He also had a CD for XP. But which would may be in Czech (haha). Willing to take the risk, I tried.

It was not working either.

After some more swearing, of course (told you it had been hard to stop!), and a conversation with my coworker in which she had mentioned something about Linux, I decided to at least try to know more about this free operating system.

I was really not sure I would install it on my laptop. When I thought Linux, I could picture this girl I once met who was using it, always opening a window to enter codes. "You don't HAVE to enter codes, but I just find it easier". Code, easier? Yea, sure ... doesn't sound like something I'd like to try!

In the mean time... free is something that does sound nice. And desperate times...

So one morning, I started to make some researches about Linux and found this article that quickly convinced me I could use it. And a few hours later, Ubuntu - a version of Linux - was installed on my computer.

My impressions? I really like it. And yes, you can totally use it even if you don't know anything about code and stuff like that. At least, for the use I need on my  personal laptop, really basic since I mainly need it for internet and music. If you use a lot of free applications already, you can still use them on Ubuntu, so there won't be a big change. If you have already thought about trying Linux, then go for it! And good news, you can keep both Windows and Ubuntu on your computer, so no stress! (for the French speaking people reading this, here's a link the the French Ubuntu Bible: Ubuntu)

And guess what? I kind of want to learn more about code to be able to make my Ubuntu even better.

Am I a geek now?

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