Monday, March 22, 2010

Adventure #020 - The Swearing

As Angela says, I have a really dirty mouth. Yes, I swear a lot. In French, of course, which my friends find really funny.

But swearing is not really lady-like. So my challenge for the past week was to stop swearing. Each time I would swear, I had to pu 10Kc in a jar (about 40 Cents in Euros). This challenge was supposed to go on for a week but more than five swearings in a day would add another day to the challenge.

I did pretty good. First day was difficult. I swore six times, so added another day. And I did what I was afraid of : "F**** I just swore!". Yes, swearing because I had sworn. Dirty mouth, I told you. But I improved every day, and didn't swear at all on the last one. Goog girl!

By the end of the week, I had collected 210Kc. I don't exactly know yet what I will do with this money, but I will use it to pay and try another new thing. Maybe a class or something.

I'm afraid though that now that this challenge is finished, I will start swearing again. A lot.


  1. How brave! This is the kind of challenge I just can't do: at the end of the day, I would have an empty wallet and a full jar! lol

  2. But if you had to pay attention to what you're saying, you would improve really quickly! Maybe you should try it too :D

  3. Oh, but swearing in french is lovely!!!