Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adventure #022 - The Thai Massage

My co-workers told me several times about these places you find everywhere in Prague where you can have a Thai massage. I really wanted to try, even more because my back's a mess, but never did.

So for my birthday, which was end of February, my lovely flatmates gave me a gift voucher for a Thai massage.

I went there one evening when my back was killing me and was really tired. Best time to do this!

The place in itself was really relaxing. I had to take off my shoes and then sat down for a few minutes next to a little fountain. There were Hindu gods pictures on the wall and a nice quiet music was playing. A woman came to me to wash my feet and then took me to a room where I had to change in a big white t-shirt before lying down on a mat.

I had an one hour massage, whole body. Arms, legs, feet, head, back, it was amazing. My body was slowly turning into marshmallow. Everybody had told me that Thai massages are really painful, so I was a bit afraid at first but it happened to be not that painful. Normal massage pain. The good one. Maybe the woman was really gentle (or I am just really tough! ...)

After the massage, I was offered a cup of tea. And I was feeling really good and relaxed. When I got home, Michal told me that I looked really happy.

So yes to the Thai massage, and I'll keep it in mind next time I'm having a really stressful week!

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