Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adventure #016, 017, 018 - The Little Things Matter Adventure

So I haven't written very many things lately because many of the things I've done haven't been very noteworthy. But they have been things I have always wanted to do, like going by a second hand store or into a restaurant. They will be lumped into one post to minimize boredom (yours and mine!)

I love shopping, and finding a deal is the best part. I am not a fan of labels or looking like the crowd either. I like to go to second hand stores and find unique pieces. I don't want to walk down the street and see 3 other people wearing the same top as me. Plus, second hand stores are easier on the wallet. There are several stores that I pass on a regular basis and never go inside. So I decided that it was time. I went in, enjoyed the browsing but didn't find anything I really wanted to own.

I also tried a few new recipes. I made bagels. From scratch. I have tried this before, but I wasn't very happy with the recipe and results. This time, I used a wheat flour instead of a white flour. The recipe I used this time was simpler and they turned out much better. The flavor and texture was better than the first time. The second recipe was a pizza dough made with beer. It was a really easy recipe that was very versatile. I made pita bread and a pastry dough (with dark beer instead of light). One of the best parts of the recipe? The fact that you don't use the whole beer, so you can enjoy the rest while the dough cooks! Send me a message for either recipe.

I have had 1529 songs on my iPod since 2008. A friend downloaded a bunch of music for me before I left and I haven't listened to half of it. I usually stick with the tried and true because I like to listen when I am in specific moods. So I am slowly working my way through all the songs. It takes a while because I need to listen to each group a couple times before I make a decision about them either way. My most recent discoveries? Black Rebel Motorcycle and Stars.

As you can see, I haven't been idle, just been doing things that are easier on the wallet and therefore, not as exciting. So I decided that each category would get one point.

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