Monday, June 7, 2010

Help! We need somebody, not just anybody!

As a friend pointed out to me in a recent email, we are 5 months into the project, and we have only completed 35 items (there are more, we just haven't written/posted everything yet). She suggested that we 'outsource' some of our adventures to her.

Chloe and I thought about this. And our conclusion was this: the purpose of the project is to expand our horizons and do things we have always wanted to, never thought about or just have been too scared to try. If others want to join our challenge then they will also have the opportunity to try new things, to push their limits.
So she will be joining us in our adventure. Her name is Maddy and she is an amazing Brit. I met Maddy when I took my TEFL course almost 2 years ago, just 1 month before meeting Chloe. Since then we have all argued about pronunciation (sorry Maddy, but there is no 'ch' in tuna, tulip, tune, or Tuesday), run amok in many a European city, and supported each other throughout the trials and tribulations of daily life.

This is our invitation to you. If you would like to join our project, we would love to have you! We will 'outsource' a certain number of adventures to others (depending on how many people want to join us!). Don't worry, your commitment can be to just one NEW thing or to several. This is still our goal, but we would love to hear from others who have decided to try new things too.

Thanks to everyone who reads and follows us! We love to hear your comments and ideas, so don't forget to post your comment or send us an email with your suggestions.

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