Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adventure #033- The Posters

I spend my days walking around the city of Prague, from one job to another, through all parts of the city.  As I walk, I see posters.  Lots and lots of posters.  Half the time I don't know what they are advertising for, sometimes they are ads for some product, many times they are ads for things to do, like concerts, shows, festivals, exhibits etc.  Every now and then I see some that are interesting.  Like the one advertising recycled animals at the botanical gardens, or that's how I translated it anyway.

What it really meant was that the sculptures were made of recycled plastics.  This made much more sense!  The exhibit was inside the greenhouse so I chose a not-so-great day to go.  Inside it was warm and humid, perfect for a chilly Spring day.  There are 3 rooms in the greenhouse and each is dedicated to a different type of environment. 

The sculptures were all made to fit into the environment of the room.  There were bats and giant blue spiders in the desert, huge orchids (which looked oddly real), monkeys and crocodiles in the tropical area, and many different types of flowers in the rain forest room.  Many of the flowers were incorporated into the plants so they were a bit difficult to see sometimes, but the animals were larger than life and quite easy to spot among the flora.  Even with the swarms of people, I was able to enjoy the sculptures and butterflies that were everywhere.

I have started a 'note' on my phone in order to keep track of these 'poster events' because many of them are things that look interesting to me that I just forget a day or 2 later.  If I don't understand the poster, I can look it up on-line, see what's happening and decide if it is something I want to do.  This is a great way to become more involved in your surroundings.  You actually have to pay attention to the signs and have the motivation to find out more.  The next poster is for the Fringe Festival and to figure out the Staropramen (a beer) 'We have an idea' website...

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