Monday, May 24, 2010

Adventure #032- The Green/A- line Metro Crawl

A while ago, I ran into some friends at the Christmas Market in Namesti Miru. who were doing a pub crawl down the Green (A) metro line, which has 13 stops. I laughed and thought 'HA! That's a lot of alcohol! Impressive.'

Fast forward to about a month ago. Jon, a friend and colleague, was talking to his student who had also done a Green line crawl, complete with a signed paper that worked as a certificate for those who finished. Jon is a regular follower of our blog and suggested that we (Chloe and I) add this adventure to the list. I was a bit reluctant because 13 beers is a lot of alcohol for one day.
After talking about it some more, I started to think that it would be a fun afternoon. A good way to explore more parts of the city. So I agreed and Jon set up a Facebook event and we invited people to join us.

On the day of the event, we met at Dejvicka at 12:30, where we were only 3 and the first pub on the list was closed until 1pm. Not a fantastic start, but we found another pub and started off with a large Gambrinus. At Malostranska, we were joined by a 4th and Chloe joined us at Mustek. At Namesti Miru, we discovered that 4 people were waiting for us! So our group grew quite large, but only for 1 stop. Then we were back to five, which is how we finished the night. Jon and I were the only ones who managed to make it the entire way (is that an accomplishment or just a statement of stupidity??). I think walking was the best part of the whole experience because we had so much fun finding the next place and discovering things in between (did you know that from the word 'liberty' you can make the word 'beer'? See pictures for confirmation.)

Here is a summary of the evening:

1. Dejvicka: U Adély, Gambrinus 10° 0.5L - 26CZK
2. Hradcanska:
U Písecké brány,
Krušovice Mušketýr 11° 0.3L - 18CZK
3. Malostranska:
Na Klárově,
Master Tmavý 18° 0.4L - 45CZK
4. Staromestska:
U Parlamentu,
Prazdroj 0.3L - 23CZK
5. Mustek:
U Provaznice,
Gambrinus 10° 0.3L - 22CZK
6. Muzeum: U Ferdinanda, Ferdinand 11° 0.3L - 17CZK (microbrew beer that's super yummy!)
7. Namesti Miru: Retro, Hoegaarden White 0.25L - 38CZK
8. Jiriho z Podebrad:
U Růžového Sadu,
Staropramen 0.3L - 16CZK
9. Flora:
Na Křižovatce,
Velvet 14° 0.4L - 34CZK
10. Zelivskeho:
Na Želvě,
Braník 0.3L - 13CZK (amazing Old Man pub!)
11. Strasnicka:
U Slámů,
Prazdroj 0.3L - 22CZK
12. Skalka:
Bistro Skalka,
Prazdroj 0.3L - 23CZK (old pizza tastes AMAZING!!)
13. Depo Hostivar:
Starý Pán,
Budějovický Budvar 0.5L - 30CZK + Becherovka 0,05L 40CZK (I think this was a cool bar...not 100% sure if I remember it correctly!)
Total Cost: 367CZK OR $19.02 (1USD= 19CZK)

Unique Beers Drunk: 10 (total 13)

Beer Total: 4.45L (plus one shot of Becherovka) OR approximately 9 pints

It took us about 12 hours to complete the whole thing but we were all pretty torn up at the end.  We used a coin toss, along with a bracket to decide on which shot of alcohol we would take to celebrate the finish.  We walked the majority of the line, from Malostrana to Strasnicka, which is a total of 8km of metro (5m) but how far it is above ground, we don't know. From here I will let the pictures do the talking.  Click here to see the pictures.


  1. ♥ how the pictures get blurrier as the night goes on! Awesome! Looks like everyone had a blast!!!

  2. My favourite station pic has to be Muzeum, absolute classic!!!

  3. Kickass. I love crawls. I do them professionally. Reading about others is awesome!