Saturday, June 19, 2010

Adventure #042, #043- The Cupboard Cocktail

After one particularly crazy party, we discovered that we had a very random mixture of alcohols left.  So our roommate Heather presented us with this challenge: make a cocktail with only the ingredients available in the house.

We took a look and discovered a half bottle of Absinth, some Jameson's, Strawberry vodka/Liqueur, a cherry chocolate liqueur, and a praline rum.  In our freezer we had some Becherovka and vodka.  Our refrigerator contained some cherry juice, grapefruit juice, soda water and an almost-too-old-to-use lemon.

Our Cupboard Cocktail:
1 part Strawberry vodka liquer
1 part vodka
1 part cherry juice
juice from 1/2 a lemon
2 parts soda water

It wasn't bad, but very sweet!  After the first attempt, we decided to go for more ingredients and add more lemon juice.  Once there was more lemon juice, it almost tasted like a fruit lemonade, with more kick.  We made a large pitcher full, without the soda water.  This we added as it was served.  It taste much better cold, so we served it over ice.  

Some possible changes: muddle the lemon with some mint then add the juice to the mix for an interesting twist, add more vodka to make the drink a bit more alcoholic (we only had about a shot of vodka to add to the mix).

It is a Saturday night and I don't feel like going out.  I am perfectly content to sit in my kitchen with Chloe and 1.5 bottles of wine.  Halfway through the wine, I decided to finish writing this post.  We also decided to start moer experiments with the alcohol from the cupboard.  I will leave all typing mistakes as a measure of my dedication/intoxication level.  :)

Czechslovakian Martini
Shaken, not stirred
Chloe: horrror and revulsion     Angela: hmm, tastes like a martini, but needs to be dirty!

The 'Adult' Milkshake
Cherry Chocolate Liqueur blended with strawberry  vanilla icecream
Chloe: Where's the alcohol? I can't taste it!     Angela: Yum! I want more!

The Fruity Bavorak
Lychee/Lemon juice
Summer berry syrup
Chloe: It tasted like toilet cleaner!     Angela: Blehh!! Yuck!! (When did Chloe try toilet cleaner?!?!)

The Groovy, but it's not groovy!? No Girly! Gwiwly? No GIRLY! Summer Cocktail
Soda water 
Sumer berry syrup
Chloe: Yea, it's ok. I took a 2nd sip, why?     Angela: Too sweet! And the alcohol sits on your tongue, bleh!

Bavorak on Coke
Lychee lemon juice
Chloe: gag, gag, Lemon then coke the Fernet, ech, your turn!     Angela: Why the hell does Fernet taste so horrible?  Why can't you add citrus and make it better like Fernet Citrus??

Easter Coke
Praline Rum
Chloe: I've just been in the bathroom, would you like a sip of this? But it tastes better than Fernet....starts dancing     Angela: It's like chocoalte cokE!

Chloe: I'm starting to feel the alcohol a bit.
Angela: Me too.  Good thing we have a million fried zucchini to keep us compnay!

Angela: I really don't wan tot make anything with ansinth
Chloe: I've never had absinth before.  And we saod we had to try things we didn't like too.
Angela: Yea, ok, I guess.  

Absinthe in a forest
Summer berry syrup
soda water 
Chloe: We should take a picutre. The absinthe and fruit syrup aren't mixing! Nothing wants to mix wiht it!
Angela turns around to hide her reaction from Chloe so she isn't influenced...
Chloe: Mon dieu! shudder shudder!     Angela: shuddering, tongue out, blech!

Angela: I can't believe we are chasing everything with wine! Hahahaha...Okay, last coctail, let's try the cherry chocolate stuff...
Chloe: Make sure you rinse the glass properly after the absinthe!

Cherry Coke Milkshake
Cherry Chocolate liqueur
Chloe: ummmm, well, it's better than the absinth!     Angela: Mmmmmm, cherry coke ice cream float!
Hope you enjoyed our experiment...I'm not sure we did...If you think of any combinations, send them alonf and we'll see how the turn out!  

Until next time, au revoir et bonne nuit, dobrou noc and peace out b*$@es!
*Note: all dialogue is as close as I could get to the actual dialogue.  This blog was written in live time ;)
**#042 is the cocktail making process, #043 is Chloe trying absinthe :)

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  1. LOLLLLL.... Good work for managing to note everything down, must have been increasingly difficult. What else can I say, I'm glad I sat this one out!!!!!