Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adventure #047 - The Vegan Burgers

I've always loved burger. Aren't they amazing? But here is my problem: I became vegetarian, and you don't often find vegeterian burgers in restaurant.

Whatever, I could just make them.

When I had been Vegan for a week, I had tried a potatoe pancake recipe. I decided to improve this recipe and so replace the meat of the burgers by vegetables pancakes.

They were super extra-yummy. I had a lot of them and thought I would have to eat vegetable pancakes for a week but almost everything was eaten by my flatmates in one night. So I guess I should keep this recipe in mind!

It is super easy to make, so you should definitely try it. I think you could use any kind of vegetable, the only important thing is to have potatoes because it is the starch in it that will make the pancake stay together.

I used: 3 small carrots, half a zucchini, 3 potatoes, a bit of cauliflower, 1 onion, chives, sesame seeds, salt and pepper.

I steamed the cauliflower and then mashed it. While it was cooking, I grated all the other vegetables and mix them in a big bowl. Then added cauliflower, sesame seeds, salt, pepper and chives. I let the mixture sit for about 30 minutes and then added a bit a flour to it.

You then need to fry the pancakes in a pan, with oil. Take a spoon of the vegetable mix, put it in the pan, make a round shape and press a spatula on it to pack everything together. And let them cook, about 10 minutes on each side.

Heat the bread with a toaster or in the oven, and then add whatever you want to your burger: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumber , ketchup, mustard, ...

I loved my vegan burgers and will surely repeat the expericence!

I would not say that it is a healthy burger, since the pancake is fried and you still put ketchup and stuff like this in it, but it's probably healthier than a burger with beef meat! And if you're a lazy cook, you can probably find vegetable pancakes in the shops!

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