Monday, June 14, 2010

Adventure #037 - The Blog

I never had a blog before we started The New Project. I thought about starting one several time, but in the end never found I had any interesting things to tell.   Thanks to our project, I can now talk about "my blog" and be like everyone else.

We decided to create our blog using blogger, God Google's blog publishing tool. Creating a blog is super extra easy with this, but there were still a few things to do to customize it. Changing the HTML code to have the text justified, add the "share buttons" (so you can share our posts on facebook, twitter & Co since you are fans of us and want the world to know about it), or include a link opening your email box if you click on "Contact us" on the top right of the page. Things like these, very very basic, that you could think I would know about since my job consists in writing on blogs and websites. Yes, but I am not the one in charge of these details. I also learned to use Google Analytics (which is both scary and amazing, telling all the details you could need about your readers. Big Brother is watching you). Little things then but that I am really happy I can do now. I get quite excited when I learn to do these kind of things. My friends probably think I'm a freeky geek.

Never mind. I like my blog.

And also like the fact that the HTML class I took in uni was maybe not a total waste of time.

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