Friday, July 2, 2010

Adventure #51, #52 - The Baking

Some more cooking ... or better said baking. I am a baking maniac. It's my way to relax and to please people.

Cakes are good and fun to make. I usually stays in my comfort zone and bake the same old easy things. But since we are doing new things, I decided to change and try more difficult recipes or ones that I often eat with my family but never made myself.

The Fraisier : a fraisier is a strawberry cake with whipped cream. My mum and grandma are really good at making it and we always have some on Mother's day or my niece's birthday in spring. We had a French night with some friends one night so I decided to try this recipe. It was super easy and I was quite proud of the result. It was just a bit too sweet.

The Cream Puffs (in French - choux à la crème) : I had never tried to make cream puffs before but I love them. I think that they are perfect comforting food. I heard several times that it was difficult to make and it's true that I haven't made the perfect ones yet, but it was easier than what I thought. I added some orange blossom water to the cream and it was super yummy. Maybe a picture will follow later when I make some more !

If you want any recipe, just ask :)

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