Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adventure #058, #057, #056, #055- The Movie List

Our fridge has a list of movies on it.  Every time we have a party, it grows.  It never shrinks 'cause I am always watching something else, completely forgetting about the list.  The condition is, that to remove it from the list, we must have both seen it.  Here is our attempt to narrow the numbers...

#058- Layer Cake Chloe and I thought this movie sounded interesting.  In the spirit of surprise, we just streamed the video, without knowing what it was about.  We were pretty disappointed though.  It is a movie about the many layers of the drug world, which could be pretty interesting, but the movie was slow, and Chloe and I were both ready for bed 30 min before it ended.

#057- Harold and Maude Chloe and I watched this movie together, thinking it would be a romance (it was on the list just above When Harry Met Sally).  The first scene played and Harold 'hung' himself.  This was a romantic comedy!?  In the end it did turn out to be a romantic comedy of sorts, just with a blacker sense of humor!  

#056- Just Friends A silly romantic comedy with lots of slapstick humor.  You guessed it, he gets the girl in the end! Watched separately.

#055- Lars and the Real Girl An outsider in his own world, Lars 'gets' a girlfriend.  A fabulous story about the delusional mind and human compassion.  Watched separately.

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