Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adventure #59 - The Job Quiting

Quiting your job can be a bit scary. Even more when your degree and your experience will not open many doors.

I have a degree in English Litterature, Language and Civilization. Yes, very nice. But not really job material. It is good if you want to study more. Which I don't really want to.

But it is time for me to leave Prague, and for this, I had to quit my job. I had actually never quit a job before. This was my first long term contract.

Quit my job. Done.

I was scared, but strangely enough, I was more scared before I told my employers I wanted to leave than after. Now, I am ready. Working on my CV, deciding what to bring with me, what to leave behind, what to bring back to France. Destination : London. Unfortunately, not a new thing since I already lived in London two years ago but I need to go back. I have an unfinished love story with this city. 

And I am sure that London will give me many new things to do !

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