Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adventure #060, #061, #062, #063, #064- The Camping

At the beginning of July, there was a long weekend in the CZ.  We had Monday and Tuesday off thanks to Jan Hus and the anniversary of the written Czech language.  Martin and I talked about several different options and finally decided on a camping trip into the Sumava Mountains, a place I had been wanting to go for awhile. 

#060 Backpacking-  Although I have been hiking and camping many hundreds of times, I have never combined the two.  This weekend was the first and I was in charge of carrying the food.  This is a good thing because as the weekend continued and my body became more tired, my bag became lighter.  A bit more challenging than I had thought it would be, I was glad for the downpour that cut our trip short by a day and forced us to take a bus instead of walking!

#061 Alone Time-  We have been dating for almost a year now and have yet to spend a weekend alone.  This isn't because we have tried and failed, but because there are always people to join us in the fun!  But we managed just fine, even setting up the tent twice without much fuss.  (Although I would love a video of us trying out he tent when it had to be built on an incline.  We were crawling inside and laying down to see if we would be facing exactly downhill, then we would shift the tent until it was right)

#062 Nude Stream Bath- no alcohol, 2 days of temperatures in the high 80s (with 70-90% humidity), broad daylight, freezing water that competes with Tahoe.  Need I say more?

#063 Two for the price of One- I've been on state lines before, but never country lines.  The Sumava are on the German border so we walked the 800m to the border and took pictures.  The strange thing?  In Germany the trees were missing...All we could get from the signs was that the forest in this area (both CZ and DE) are completely natural.  Even creepier?  The exhibit on the way the border used to look in the exact area where we were.  Think 8 foot barbwire fence, 5 feet of sand (so they could see footprints) and another 8 foot barbwire fence.  

#064 Private- Some things are better left unsaid, ya know? ;)

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