Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adventure #82 - The Little Black Dresses

My obsession with little black dresses probably started in London when I went to see an exhibition about the LBD at the Museum of Fashion two years ago. Well, I have always liked black clothes but little by little I've started being especially attracted to dresses.

They are amazing. You can wear them at any occasions and I think they make me look good. At least I feel good when I wear a black dress. And you can play a lot with accessories, and I love accessories.
Being able to pack all your thing in one suitcase is something really great ... and I am far far from it ! I have way too many clothes, that I don't even wear. So while I was trying to decide what I really need to keep, I noticed that what I couldn't live without were my little black dresses. But wouldn't it be boring to only have black dresses ? I really wanted to try wearing just this for a while and see.

So during two weeks, I only wore black dresses. Of course, accessories were allowed, and tights and tops because, well they are necessary sometimes.

I have five black dresses that I decided to wear for this adventure. I actually have another one, vintage from the 30s. It is beautiful and I love it but it is also a bit damaged and not really summer-like, so I couldn't wear it at the moment (yes I did this in June and have been extremely bad at posting on this blog).

I tried to take pictures of my outfits everyday but I had a lot of things on my mind that week so didn't manage very well.

Sorry for the bad montage and the bad pictures ...

My impressions ? An extremely easy adventure. I actually thought that I would get tired of these dresses and really want to wear something else. But no. I don't even notice the difference. So Angela suggested that I try two weeks without wearing any black dresses... This was another story ! And I will tell it to you very soon!

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