Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adventure #71 - The Bus

When I was in school, we went on several trips to Spain, Italy or England. Of course, we were always traveling by bus. (Try to have 50 teenagers in a train. Insane). If the bus time was always very long, the teachers tried to organize it so that we would have to spend a day in a nice city on the way. And well, the bus was actually a lot of fun since you were with all your friends, exchanging CDs (yes, no MP3 then, we were all traveling with a big pack of CDs) and video games (for our Gameboys. Rock'n'roll).

With the end of school I, of course, stopped traveling by bus for long distances. Come on, flying is just more convenient. And way quicker.But after having decided to move to London, I faced a problem : my luggage. Flying is quick but is not cheap when you have to carry a lot of stuff with you.

And well, planes are also extremely bad for the environment.

So I decided to be green (or at least greener), and take the bus from Prague to London.

18 hours.

But since the bus was leaving Prague at the end of the afternoon and arriving in London in the morning, I didn't think it would be that bad. I easily fall asleep.

It was obviously long but ok. I was scared that somebody would get sick on the bus (a friend of mine told me it happened once during a very long bus trip... yuk), but thank God, nobody did.

I got a bit scared when a family with four young children AND a baby entered the bus and was strongely hoping that they were not going all the way to London but would stop earlier. They didn't. The mum sat next to me with her smelly baby (I think they were using very cheap smelly baby wipes) (and I have to admit that at this moment I thought that if you don't have enough money to have a car they maybe you shouldn't have five kids). Fortunately, the mum moved a few hours later to another sit and I ended up with a tiny little girl next to me. More comfortable. Baby and kids were suprisingly very quiet during the all trip.

If the bus is not very convenient to go for a week-end trip, I think I would consider it again when leaving for a long time or for shorter destinations like going back to France.

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  1. Wow you got a bit lucky/unlucky at the same time! When I did the same trip there was torrential rain and the bus left Prague an hour late! But I had no smelly kids ;)