Sunday, December 12, 2010

Adventure #104, #105, #106 - The Back to Basics Cooking

I like when things are home-made and even more when they are very simple things that you can easily find in the shops and don't often think about making yourself. So I tried a few things.

I am horrible at writing recipes in English, so I apologize for the bad writing of this post!

Ice-cream (#104)

I made yogurt ice-cream a couple of times when I was about 6 years old. In my memories, it was super yummy. Without an ice-cream maker, it is a bit tricky though. You need to often mix the cream while it is freezing or you will have ice crystals. Maybe I didn't do this often because my ice-cream was not perfect enough for my taste. The yogurt I used was not strong enough either and even if it was good I don't think it tasted enough like yogurt. I will try again and this time maybe use some Greek yogurt, stronger in taste.

Muesli (#105)

I love muesli for breakfast but I always have a hard time to find something I like in the shops. There is always something wrong like a fruit or a nut I don't particularly like. Our flatmate Jana made muesli and told me it was very easy. You will need some wheat flakes, honey and oil. Mix them together (sorry for the quantities, don't know them ... just don't put too much oil), add anything you'd like to have in your muesli (coco nut, dried fruits, cinnamon ...) and bake it for about 20 min (not too hot the oven!). Don't forget to mix with a spoon every 5 min or it will stick to the pan. Of course, if you also want pieces of chocolate with your muesli don't add them until it's cool down!
It tasted totally different from muesli you buy in the shops but it was tasty.

Yogurt (#106)

Making yogurt usually requires having a yogurt maker. Which I don't. But I found explanations on the Internet to make some without the yogurt maker. Slowly boil milk for 20 to 40min, then cover with a towel and let it cool down (until it's about 40°C warm. No need for a thermometer, just use your finger). Then mix a yogurt in the milk, filter with a strainer and put the mix in jars, close them and put them in a big pan. Fill the pan with water (the water has to be at the same level as the milk in the jars), and put it in the oven for about 20min (55°C). Then DON'T OPEN THE OVEN, it needs to stay warm and leave the yogurt inside for 4 to 6 hours. If you can read French, here is the recipe I followed : yogurt recipe

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