Monday, December 27, 2010

Adventure #108- GUEST WRITER- Gregoire and the Turkey Neck

Living in the Italska tribe for several months now, I am nearly used of our crazy adventures. I am also experiencing more and more aspects of the American way of life ! aha

Anyway, I think I reached the ultimate point of it pretty recently as we were cooking the Thanksgiving lunch which was to take place at our flat.
08.30am : everyone jumped out of bed, crazy hairs but great motivation to make it
08.35am : Tom the Turkey entered our kitchen pretty proudly even if dead
08.37am : crisis !! Our lovely butcher folded Tom's neck into its body !! We had to get rid of a 20cm+ long turkey neck ASAP ! Stress was here as the turkey is supposed to be the major element of the menu ! Oh ... My .. God ..
08.39am : Hyper-active search on the internet (US and French) for any good tip to remove a turkey neck. Unbelievable the number of plastic surgery webpages you can find there but definitively useless on a Thanksgiving morning !!!
08.41am : Finally we found a video presenting the methodology applied to a chicken, but this was too cautious and random in terms of results
08.42am : vote from the feminine part of the flat that decided I should the best appropriate person to deal with the removal
08.43am : resigned, fatalistic and still a little bit sleepily, I walked to Tom the Turkey (but I did prefer to call  him "Marcel") with freshly sharpened knife and applied the method : "Go strong, go brutal, it should work sooner or later"
08:48am : it worked !

Thanks girls for giving me the opportunity to remove my 1st turkey neck in my life and hopefully will not be the last one ;-)

In case any reader here likes to be instructed on the proper way to remove neck from a 11.635kg turkey, please write to Angela and Chloé who will forward your request to me :-D

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